Location photography has you on the move, so you need the smallest and lightest equipment available. Hanging on the side of a mountain requires long-lasting battery packs as well! Let’s pack up and head out to capture the world, as it’s happening, with equipment that travels and sets up quickly.

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Making good food photographs is a delicious experiment that requires a good recipe. And like any good recipe your personal changes can make the dish all the more special. Here are some ideas for setting up a food photography studio. Let's get in that kitchen and get to work making beautiful photos.

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Models communicate with their features and their body language. To capture that language at just the right moment, beauty and fashion photographers need fast recycle times and lights that can withstand sustained, frequent flashes.

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Tabletop photography is the bread and butter of the commercial photographer. Understanding this genre of photography requires a lot of creativity and skill, drawing from macro, food, and still life techniques to create images that pull the viewer into the scene. Let’s get started with a basic setup.

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Landscape and nature photography sometimes put equipment to the ultimate test. Water, sand, wind, and transporting equipment can take its toll on equipment designed for use indoors on even surfaces in controlled environments. Landscape photography requires the flexibility to shoot at any location, in any condition, and at an angle.

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Event photography is fast-paced, with subject and photographer moving quickly from place to place. Weddings, parties, sports, and other events can be the perfect place to use TTL flash, allowing you to move and set up quickly. The equipment curated here features TTL lighting options that you can also use in manual mode, and a tripod that converts to a monopod for fast stabilization.

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Architectural Photography presents unique challenges with the color and intensity of available light. Specialized equipment can help you evaluate and shape the light to your personal vision, reducing time-consuming post-production that may be impossible to reproduce. The equipment curated for you here includes both a color spectrometer and an exposure meter to assist in controlling and supplementing existing light in your scene.

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Macro photography requires us sometimes to be closer to subjects than our lenses allow. Fortunately, accessories allow us to focus at even closer than 1:1 ratios with any lens. Others can add and shape the light both inside and outside to capture the essence of very small objects, insects, animals, flowers, and more. This collection of equipment offers some options for macro photography.

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You can take great studio portraits with a variety of lighting equipment.

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