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PhotoVideo EDU partners with the leading manufacturers of photographic equipment to provide students and educators with special pricing on the tools that will help them create their images. Please review our eligibility requirements for more information. 

For those who require ultimate image quality and control, nothing compares with the results from a large format camera.

Use of the large format camera inspires creation of an image as fine art. With a large format camera one can express a vision, rather than merely take a picture. The ground glass image appears upside down and reversed, accentuating the forms of line, shape and tonality in an abstraction that clarifies. The large viewing area invites the eye to scan the entire composition and note every detail and shade.

A great range of image control allows you to create the unusual from the ordinary. Movements such as tilt and swing provide ultimate control over perspective, subject shape and focus, including dramatic increase or decrease in depth of field. Parallel movements including rise, shift and revolving back allow for freedom of composition without repositioning the camera. The lack of automation and the simplicity of exposure setting emphasize technical excellence. The entire process brings the photographer to another level of concentration which ultimately results in a more expressive and refined vision.

Toyo offers professional large format cameras for studio and field use. For those requiring ultimate image quality and control, nothing compares with the results from a large format camera. Get the big picture with Toyo.

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