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Saramonic SR-HM7 DI Digital Dynamic Handheld Microphone with Lightning Cable for Apple iPhone and iPad

Cat # SR-HM7Di
Saramonic SR-HM7 DI Digital Dynamic Handheld Microphone with Lightning Cable for Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and USB cable for Windows PCs and Macintosh Computers
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Items Include:

Included items: 1 x HM7 DI handheld USB microphone 1 x Micro USB to Lightning output cable 1 x Micro USB to USB-A computer output cable 1 x Rubbery bottom cap to keep USB connector attached 1 x printed manual 1 x warranty card
The Saramonic SR-HM7 DI is a handheld digital dynamic microphone that delivers premium, broadcast-quality sound for Podcasting, Live Sound, Recording and more. Included, removeable dedicated output cables for direct connection to iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch via the Lightning port, and a USB cable for use with Windows PCs and Apple Macintosh computers. A headphone jack enables you to listen to your sound during recording and playback. The microphone was designed to enhance the clarity of the human voice, which makes it an excellent choice for use in podcasting, presentation videos, news gathering, audio for smartphone videos, live streaming, vlogging, music recording and more. The SR-HM7 DI is incredibly easy to use. You just connect an output cable and start recording. A switch at the base of the microphone allows you to change between Recording to Playback operation modes. An included rubber bottom cap allows you to keep the output connector firmly attached to the base of the microphone preventing the output cables from accidentally being disconnected when recording audio on-the-go. The sleek black exterior of the SR-HM7 DI features an anti-glare finish that looks great on camera and will not reflect on-camera lights, stage lights, or studio lights. The long, tapered handle of the SR-HM7 DI is comfortable to hold and provides plenty of space for mic flags to advertise your channel or brand. The all-metal design helps to reduce handling noise, and the durable microphone grill diffuses wind noise — which helps you get great sound outdoors. The cardioid pickup pattern reduces unwanted sounds to the sides and rear, and the built-in high-quality preamp and analog-to-digital converter ensure that you get the best possible audio quality. Whether you’re shooting on-the-street interviews with your iPhone for your YouTube channel or a major network, or if you’re recording a podcast at home on your computer or in the field with your Apple device, the SR-HM7 DI will deliver rich and detailed sound every time. Optional Accessories (Sold Separately): ? SR-HM7-WS2 Foam Windscreen for SR-HM7 (2-pack) ? SR-BSP1 Smartphone clamp and handle kit


Warranty Duration (Standard)1 year
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