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Benro BackPacker Air Travel Tripod Kit - GRAY CAMO

BackPacker Air Travel Tripod Kit - GRAY CAMO
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Items Include:

Phone Holder
Bluetooth Remote and Tripod Bag

The MeFOTO BackPacker Air, our most lightweight and compact tripod yet, is now available in Camouflauge. The Camo pattern is made possible by water transfer printing which is also known as hyrdographics or camo dipping.

Ideal for smartphones, compact cameras, action cameras and small mirrorless cameras. BackPacker Air fits inside small and medium sized bags due to the unique HyperLock leg system where each leg section is nested into one group.

Operating the tripod is now faster as well because there is only 1 leg lock per leg instead of multiple locks per leg. A simple half turn unlocks the leg and it can be stopped at any position.

The telescoping center column converts to a selfie stick simply by removing the weight hook. Each tripod includes a spring-loaded smartphone adapter and a rechargeable Bluetooth remote with a clamp that attaches to the handle.

Tripod bag with carrying strap included. A matching camera plate in the same anodized aluminum finish as the tripod is also included.

The single action ballhead features an anodized aluminum housing and can support up to 8.8 lb payloads. A matching anodized aluminum Arca-Swiss style camera plate with a 3-in-1 screw is included.

What can you do with a tripod? A tripod is more than just a tool that keeps your camera steady. When you combine a tripod with your camera or smartphone you open up a world of creative possibilities.

  • Night Photography
  • Long Exposure
  • Live Streaming
  • Live Photos
  • Time-lapse
  • Multiple Exposures
  • Stop Motion
  • Group Shots
  • Portraits
  • Specifications

    Weight1.98 lbs. (0.91 kg)
    Exterior Dimensions3.4W X 3.4H X 14.4D in.
    (8.7 X 36.5 X 8.7 cm)
    Leg MaterialAluminium
    Leg TypeHyperLock
    Spider MaterialAluminum
    Maximum Load (lb)8.8
    Maximum Load (kg)4
    Minimum Height (in)10.4
    Minimum Height (cm)26.5
    Maximum Height (in)59.5
    Maximum Height (cm)151
    Max Height w/Column Retracted (in)37.4
    Max Height w/Column Retracted (cm)95
    Max Height w/Column Expanded (in)59.5
    Max Height w/Column Expanded (cm)151
    Maximum Height Converted to Monopod (in)N
    Leg Sections5
    Leg Lock TypeHyperLock
    Head Mount Fixed
    Head Type Ball Head
    Center Column4 sections
    Base Mount Diameter (mm)24


    Feature 1: HyperLock leg locks
    Benefit 1: Each tripod and monopod uses our new HyperLock leg lock design, which is much faster than traditional tripods and monopods that have 9 to 15 leg locks. MeFOTO Air only has 1 lock per leg.

    Feature 2: Selfie Stick/Telescoping center column
    Benefit 2: You can take selfies with the included Bluetooth remote and smartphone adapter. When used as a center column it telescopes for additional height when needed.

    Feature 3: Lightweight
    Benefit 3: Way less to carry around. MeFOTO Air combines strong and lightweight materials making it possible to create a 2 lb tripod.

    Feature 4: Compact size
    Benefit 4: Fits inside small and medium sized bags. This is due to the unique HyperLock leg system where each leg section is nested into one group.

    Feature 5: Rigidity
    Benefit 5: Don’t be fooled by the size and lightweight design. MeFOTO Air is as sturdy as they come. The HyperLock leg lock design is actually superior to some traditional tripod leg locks.

    Feature 6: Ease of set up
    Benefit 6: User-friendly icons are located on the tripod and the ballhead so you don’t need a user manual to figure it out.

    Feature 7: Arca Swiss compatible
    Benefit 7: Air fits industry standard plates. Great if you already own Arca Swiss plates or previous MeFOTO tripods.

    Feature 8: Colorful Anodized Aluminum Finish
    Benefit 8: MeFOTO uses high quality aluminum that is both strong and lightweight. The aluminum is anodized in 7 rich and colorful finishes: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red and Titanium."
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