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Benro COM47AXL Combination Aluminum Tripod

Cat # COM47AXL

Combination AL Series 4 Extra Long Tripod, 3 Section, Flip Lock.

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Specifications Features


Weight6.79 lbs. (3.08 kg)
Warranty5 years (3 years at purchase + 2 years after online registration)
Leg MaterialAL
Leg TypeFlip Lock
Maximum Load (lb)55.1
Maximum Load (kg)25
Minimum Height (in)7.09
Minimum Height (cm)18
Maximum Height (in)70.9
Maximum Height (cm)180
Folded Height w/ Center Column Attached (in)31.1
Folded Height w/ Center Column Attached (cm)79
Maximum Height w/ Center Column Attached Expanded (in)70.9
Maximum Height w/ Center Column Attached Expanded (cm)180
Top Plate Diameter (mm)96
Foot MountUNC 3/8"-16
Foot TypeRubber
Foot Size (mm)50


  • Flat Plate Spider:
    Forgoing a conventional center column, the Combination COM47AXL's flat mounting plate spider is compatible with our entire line of Benro Accessories. Swapping between accessories requires no tools, so making changes in the field is simple.
  • Accessories:
    After removing the Combination COM47AXL's flat mounting plate, a wide range of accessories can be fitted in into it's place. These accessories include a 75mm & 100mm video bowl, leveling base and a geared column.
  • Safety Lock:
    The Combination COM47AXL's flat plate spider's safety lock ensures your gear stays safe.
  • 9x Carbon Fiber Legs:
    The Combination COM47AXL features our signature 9x Carbon fiber legs. Constructed from 9 layers of carbon fiber these legs maximize the strength to weight ratio of the tripod legs. Giving you the sturdiness you require with out weighing you down.
  • Varible Leg Positon:
    The design of the Combination COM47AXL's spider allows the tripod legs to be shifted into three different positons giving you even more height adjustment options.
  • Magnesium Casting:
    Where ever possible the Combination COM47AXL employs magnesium castings making it amoung some of the lightest tripods on the market.
  • High Grade Flip Locks:
    The Combination COM47AXL utilizes high grade, reinforced flip locks for drasticaly increased longevity and to battle creeping. These flip locks are also adjustible to your preference.
  • Oversized Rubber Feet:
    Swap in the included oversized rubber feet for added traction while ensuring you don't scratch or mare the surface you are shooting on.
  • Extra Large Weight Hook:
    Hang your gear bag from the Combination COM47AXL's extra large weight hook for added balast.
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