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Induro GIT304GHB2K Grand Series Stealth Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit with GHB2 head - 4 Sections

Cat # GIT304GHB2K

The Grand Induro GIT304GHB2K is a 3 Series/4 Section modular, flat base tripod kit that includes the GHB2 gimbal head, a leveling ball, and the MLA23 leveling base. Featuring the new Stealth carbon fiber pattern, this tripod includes a flat top plate as standard and accepts the full line of Grand Induro accessories. Secured with a ratchet style lock lever, this top plate can be replaced with a double-ended hand crank, leveling ball (included) and a video bowl all without the use of any tools. Each Grand Induro tripod spider has three independent leg positions allowing you to handle uneven terrain and achieve low-level shots. Also located on the spider is a 3/8"-16 accessory mount with a 1/4"-20 insert. The ovoid pivoting rubber feet provide extra grip whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors. New rugged grips have been added with Velcro strips making them interchangeable. The Grand Induro series is ideal for the most demanding photographer, especially large format and long lens user. Included with each Grand Induro tripod is a flat plate as well as a deluxe carrying case with dolly and backpack straps for easy transport.

The GHB2 gimbal head is ideal for very long, heavy telephoto lenses used in sports or bird/nature photography. Vertical and horizontal tracking of fast moving objects is quick and easy. Balancing a camera/lens system on a gimbal head makes it essentially “weightless” providing freedom of movement not possible with any other support system.

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Specifications Features


Weight7.91 lbs. (3.59 kg)
Exterior Dimensions30.39D in.
(77.2 cm)
Warranty Duration (Standard)5 years
Warranty Duration with Online Reg10 years
Leg Size3#
Maximum Load (lb)55.1
Maximum Load (kg)25
Minimum Height (in)14.25
Minimum Height (cm)36.2
Maximum Height w/Column Retracted (cm)0
Maximum Height (in)62.48
Maximum Height (cm)158.7
Leg Sections4
Leg Lock TypeTWIST
Top Plate or Base Plate Diameter (in)3.15
Top Plate or Base Plate Diameter (mm)80
Independent Leg SpreadYes-with 3 stops
Quick Release TypeArca-Swiss Style (PU100)
Foot MountUNC 3/8-16
Foot TypeRemovable Rubber-Spiked
Foot Size (mm)0


Tripod Features:
  • Stealth Carbon Fiber - Grand Induro Tripods feature a 9X Carbon fiber weave. Taking our inspiration from the highest class of auto racing in the world, Formula 1, this carbon fiber maximizes the strength to weight ratio of the tripods.
  • Easy Leveling - The included Leveling Ball allows you to level your camera without having to adjust the tripod legs
  • Stainless Matte Finish Hardware - When assembling our Grand Induro tripods we chose to use only matte finish hardware. Now you should have no worries about it giving away your position in the field.
  • Modular Platform with Flat Plate - Ditch the center column. We engineered our Grand Induro tripods around a flat center plate, giving you the ability to swap in any of our compatible accessories in moments. No tools are required so our tripods can adapt as quickly as you can.
  • Safety Catch - Things can get rough out there. That is why we added a safety catch on the center plate to make sure things don't go awry.
  • Oversized Weight Hook - Use the Grand Induro's oversized weight hook to add balast and soon you will have forgoten all about the wind and will be right back shooting
  • Magnesium Spider - The cross braced spider is what makes this entire system possible. Cast out of magnesium not only does it provide the surdiness needed for long lens photography, it keeps weight down. Another important concern for those of us lugging long lenses around.
  • Tool Kit and Carrying Case Included
  • Removable Padded Anti-Slip Leg Grips - Heavy duty tripods need heavy duty leg grips. Repositon your sticks with confidence under any weather condition using our anti-slip grips.
  • Dust Resistant Oversized Twist Locks - Our tripods are desinged for the real world, so Grand Induro's twist locks can be used in any environment with out any concern of guming up the works. Plus we oversized them, so if its chilly out there is no need to take off your gloves.
  • Accessory Mount - Need your tripod to do even more? We've got you covered. Grand Induro tripods have a threaded accesory mount, so now adding in a articulated arm or clam is no problem.
  • 3 Leg Positions - Engineered for stability at any angle our three position leg locks give you the ability to keep things steady where ever you may venture.
  • Classic and Oversized Rubber Feet Included - We love versitility, thats why we gave the Grand Induro a set of classic and oversized rubber feet. Now you can either dig in or tread lightly.
Head Features:
  • Rugged design and construction
  • Smooth, fast tracking horizontally and vertically
  • Calibrated scales for easy repeatable positioning of different camera/lens outfits
  • Axis adjustment of the lens platform allows precise positioning to find the center of gravity of any size lens and camera system
  • Separate panning movement for total control
  • Includes matched Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release plate
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