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Elinchrom Power Pack Digi 2400 RX 115V

Cat # EL10257.1S
Elinchrom has a long tradition of excellent power packs designed for professional imaging.
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The latest Digital RX series incorporates electronic know-how combined with high manufacturing quality at affordable prices. Highlights like feature control via MAC™ / WIN™ computers, remote control with the EL-Skyport App for iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod Touch™, ultra stable circuitry for consistent flash power, low sync voltage to protect digital cameras are just some of the many advantages of these series.


Weight14.6 lbs. (6.63 kg)
Exterior Dimensions5.12W X 12.6H X 8.66D in.
(13 X 32 X 22 cm)
Energy (WS/J)2400
Power DistributionSymmetrical
F-Stop180 (1m, 100 ISO, reflector 48°)
Power Range F-Stop6
Power Range Ws75 – 2400
Power Increments in F-Stop0
Flash Duration 1/830 at t0.5 with Zoom Pro/Pro HD at max. power in s. or 1/1410 at t0.5 with Zoom Action at max. power in s
Recycling(230v Fast/Slow in s)0.4-1.9/0.55-3.6 (115v Fast/Slow in s)0.6-3.8/0.8-5
Color temperature in °K at max. power5500
Auto Power DumpingAdjusts power settings automatically
Power Stability± 0.5%
Modelling lamp modeOn, proportional, off, free
EL-Skyport (Built-in)External Transceiver RX required for full RX features
Sync voltage5 V (compatible with all cameras)
Sync socket3.5 mm Jack and EL-Amphenol
Fan CooledAll models
Max. power consumption (230 V / 50 Hz)30 W (during charge : 1320 W)
Max. power consumption (115 V / 60 Hz)30 W (during charge : 940 W)


  • EL-Skyport: radio remote control and triggering ! Adjust power and switch on/off the modelling lamp with the Skyport Transmitter speed and the Transceiver RX, from the camera.
  • Unique control from an iPod Touch ®/iPad ®/iPhone ® with the EL-Skyport App via the optional WiFi module.
  • Link your complete RX studio with the EL-Skyport Software, control up to 4 studios of 16 units with EL-Skyport and access extra features like flash counter or flash delay for strobing effects.
  • Ultra stable circuitry for absolutely consistent flash power.
  • Unique dedicated Zoom Pro HD flash head for heavy-duty use.
  • High speed Zoom Action and Zoom Pro heads for fashion and general purpose photography.
  • Digital power display for precise and repeatable exposures.
  • Digital power values compatible with the Elinchrom system.
  • Modelling lamps proportional or independently controlled.
  • Fast recycling consistent with precision and stability.
  • Surge resistant circuits,
  • Auto-dump, twin sync sockets, ready beep, sensitive photocell, anti shock edgings and fan cooled.
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