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Elinchrom Flash Head Zoom Action

Cat # EL20193

The Zoom Action offers a very short flash duration ideal for high speed indoor photography. The new A (Action) tube delivers a 40-45% shorter flash duration compared to other standard omega (horseshoe type) flashtubes. Only use with Elinchrom powerpacks.

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Compatible with all power packs made by Elinchrom since 1979, these flash heads offer a new focusable flashtube and modelling lamp arrangement, accessible from both sides of the head to fine tune the lighting characteristic of every accessory filted.


Weight5.5 lbs. (2.51 kg)
Flash Capacity (J/J)Up to 3000
Compatible Power PacksAll Elinchrom power packs since 1981
Flash Duration Flash duration t0.5 on Digital RX 1200: 1/2800 Flash duration t0.5 on Digital RX 2400: 1/1410
Color temperature in °K at max. power5500
MultiVoltageAll Zoom Heads can be used with either 115 V or 230 V EL power packs. Only the Halogen and the fuse must apply to the correct voltages and values !
Modelling lamp modeon/off
Modelling lamp 230 VStandard configuration : 300 W / 230 V Halogen GX 6.35 // 23022
Modelling lamp 115 VStandard configuration : 300 W / 115 V Halogen GX 6.35 // 23030
Flashtuben°24083 :Plug-in,userreplaceableSupershort flash duration
Tripod AdapterStandard 5/8”
Fan CooledElectronically intelligent temperature controlled fan. At high internal temperature the modelling switches off. After cooling down the modelling lamp switches back on automatically.
Umbrella fittingCentred tube for EL-umbrellas ø 7 mm. Stand bracket with extra umbrella fitting for larger umbrella shafts
Glass dome frosted24919


User repleaceable UV coated plug-in flashtube.
Includes a transparent glass dome for security.
Mutlivoltage but the correct modelling lamp and fuse must be fitted.
Umbrella fitting for EL umbrellas up to 105 cm diameter.
Efficient low noise fan cooling.
Dedicated on/off modelling lamp switch, with LED overheat indication.
Aluminium chassis with fire resistant housing.
Extremely lightweight, only 2.3 kg, including the 5m flash cable.
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