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Elinchrom Godox Portable Power Inverter

Cat # LP800X

Power Here, Power There, and Power Anywhere!
Godox Portable Power Inverter is an outdoor AC power supply and acts an indoor Emergency power supply!

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Two great functions in one reliable power supply! Run strobes, compacts, power packs and even charge your smart phones and tablets while away from your studio. The Godox Portable Power Inverter is capable of giving you the power when you need it most.


  • Powerful as a Mini Generator
  • 500 Full Power flashes for a 600w/s unit
  • 2400w/s flash recycles in 2 seconds
  • 100w Halogen lamp can work for approx. 80 mins User Replaceable Battery Unit
  • Independent battery from control unit
  • LiFePO4 Battery
  • 12000mAh Capacity
  • 100 hours of standby in Normal Mode
  • Double your power by purchasing an extra battery USB Charging
  • Three USB sockets for powering electronics with USB interfaces, i.e. smart phones, tablets
  • Reliable Protection
  • Protected against overcharging, short circuiting and high temperatures
  • Also protects against low input voltage, high input voltage and positive and negative reverse connection
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