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Elinchrom RQ Ringflash Pro

Cat # EL20495
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Overview Specifications


Items Include:

UV coated protection glass filter and 2m flash cable
This is the ultimate combination for beauty and action photography with up to a 1/4500 s when plugged into the Quadra Hybrid super fast channel B. Two metre flash cable enables photographers to use it freehand (with the battery pack shouldered or in a backpack). The internal Ringflash diameter of 100 mm accepts a wide range of camera lenses.


Weight3.17 lbs. (1.44 kg)
Exterior Dimensions7.87W X 12.60H X 9.06D in.
(20 X 32 X 23 cm)
Flash Capacity (J/J)400
Compatible Power PacksRanger Quadra series only
Flash Duration at max power t0.5- Output A: 1/1950 Output B: 1/4500// at min power t0.5 Output A: 1/1400 Output B: 1/2700
Color temperature in °K at max. power5500
Flashtube4 pole - Action
Inner Diameter10cm
Outer Diameter20cm
Cable Length2m
Light Stand Adapter1/4” // 1/4” and 3/8”
Matt glass diffuser optionalOptional, EL402.013
UV coated protection glass filter - spare partEL402.012
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