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Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL Flash Head Including Cable

Cat # EL20190
Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL Flash Head Including Cable. A lightweight flash head purposely built for use on the ELB 500 TTL battery pack. Weighing only 1.4lbs and with a captive 8 foot cord it is easily boomed out by hand or with minimal counter weight. Features include TTL with Manual Lock, HSS, and a 14W LED Modeling light with a CRI of 90.
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Items Include:

8 ft cable
flash tube
protective cap


Weight1.5 lbs. (0.66 kg)
Exterior Dimensions3.5W X 6.3H X 3.1D in.
(9 X 16 X 8 cm)
Warranty Duration (Standard)2 years
Energy (WS/J)500 WS
Flash Capacity (J/J)500 WS
F-Stop(1m, 100 ISO, reflector 48°): 64.8
Compatible Power PacksELB 500 TTL
Flash Duration Action : 1/20000s - Normal : 1/3400s
Color temperature in °K at max. power5500 °K
Power Stability0.05%
Modelling lamp modeOn / Off, free, prop, timer 1-60 s, VFC
EL-Skyport (Built-in)Yes
Fan CooledNO
Umbrella fitting7mm
CompatibilityElinchrom Q-Mount (formally Quadra), Full Size Elinchrom and Profoto via Optional adapters


Flash Head Specifications:
  • Maximum Watt/Seconds - 500ws
  • Flash Duration - Action Mode: 1/20000s - Normal Mode : 1/3400s
  • Color Temperature in K° at max. power - 5500K°
  • Color Stability - +/- 200K° over 7 f-stops
  • Power Stability - 0.05%

  • LED Modelling Lamp:
  • Modelling Lamp Power - 14W Equivalent to 50 Watt halogen in 40 adjustment levels
  • Modelling Lamp Color Temperature in K° at max. power - 5200 K°
  • Modeling Lamp CRI - 90
  • Modeling Lamp Modes - On/Off Free Adjustment, Proportional, Timer, and Visual Confirmation
  • Modeling Lamp Control - On separately purchased ELB 500 TTL pack or Skyport Transmitter Pro

  • Cable Length - 8 ft (2.5m)
  • Native Light Modifer Mount - Q-Mount (Quadra Mount)
  • Compatible Refelectors - Q-Mount
  • Umbrella Fitting - 7mm
  • Tilt Head Stand Adapter - 5/8th
  • Dimensions LxWxH - 3.5in (9cm) x 3.1in (8cm) x 6.3in (16cm)
  • Weight: 1.5lb (0.66kg)"
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