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Vu Sion L 150mmx150mm 10-Stop (3.0) Neutral Density Filter

Cat # VSLND10

Slow down time, manage depth of field, and have the flexibility to let creativity be your guide.

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Items Include:

150mmx150mm Vü Sion L 10-Stop (3.0) Neutral Density Filter
Soft Filter Sleeve

Vü Sion L Neutral Density Filters provide filmmakers and photographers a broad range of flexibility in managing their exposure and depth of field. Available as square glass filters in fixed density increments, Vü Sion L Neutral Density Filters feature our unique White Balance Multi-Coating, specially formulated Flat Wave Overcoat, and are designed to be the perfect tool when your creative vision demands it most.


Weight0.22 lbs. (0.1 kg)
Exterior Dimensions5.91W X 0.08H X 5.91D in.
(15 X 0.2 X 15 cm)
White Balance Multi-CoatingYes
Flat Wave OvercoatYes
TypeSion L Filters - 150x150mm
Filter Size150mmx150mm


Ultra-White Schott German Optics:
The optical glass is ground and polished to achieve the highest performance possible, which makes the filter appear completely invisible to you, your lens, and the image that is captured.

5 Year Limited Warranty:
Covers defects of any kind in the workmanship and materials of the product.

Unsurpassed Optical Resolution:
Our filters are held to the highest optical resolution standards and will not degrade your image when placed in front of a lens.

Flat Wave Overcoat:
Optic coating that gives the filter’s front surface a “smoother-than-glass” finish, making filter maintenance and care much easier.

White Balanced Multi-Coating:
Specially formulated ingredients and coating process assure that recoded image will be exactly the way you captured it.

Hand crafted and Inspected:
Run in small batches, hand crafted, and individually inspected to ensure the utmost in optic quality.

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