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Benro MeVIDEO Livestream tablet clamp silver

MeVIDEO Livestream Tablet Clamp Silver (BMLIVEIPAD6N)
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Introducing the MeVIDEO Series Tablet and Smartphone holders from Benro. There are two products: a Smartphone/Tablet Holder and a Tablet only holder. The MeVIDEO Livestream Smartphone/Tablet holder (BMLIVEIPAD6P) can support a tablet and smartphone at the same time and the MeVIDEO Livestream Tablet holder only supports a tablet(BMLIVEIPAD6N). Now you can stream to multiple platforms at once, Record to two devices simultaneously, use it as a teleprompter or as an additional monitor. The options are truly endless! Simply thread the clips on to any ¼-20 threaded mount and attach a tablet or a tablet-smartphone combo for content creation, live streaming, and much more. The basic tablet holder easily mounts a tablet from 4.4 - 7 inches in size. The dual ¼-20 threads featured on the clamp, allow you to change the center of gravity depending on your setup. You can mount the clamp to a tripod and get your livestream setup in no-time. With additional accessories you can attach it to your rigs cold shoe, and record on your camera, while streaming live on your tablet. Whether live streaming, using your tablet as a wireless monitor during your shoot, or to simply video chat, this mount gives you limitless possibilities. If you want to take it one step further, the tablet and smartphone holder combination gives you an additional mounting clamp for a phone 2.2 - 3.2 inches in size. For more info on our other Live Streaming accessories, check out our other product videos Benro’s MeVIDEO LiveStream Tablet and Smartphone holders are the perfect content creator’s companion.


Weight0.19 lbs. (0.09 kg)
Exterior Dimensions2.4W X 1.57H X 4.92D in.
(6.1 X 4 X 12.5 cm)


1. Supports a tablet and smartphone at the same time. 2. Holds two devices for streaming to two platforms. 3. Mounts to tripod. 4. ¼”-20 thread for mounting to camera plate or stand. 5. Supports a tablet from 4.4 - 7 inches in size.
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