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Kaiser Macrospot 1500 Fiber-Optic Lighting System

Cat # 205945
For pinpointed uniform and powerful lighting for macro and micro photography, for tabletop photography and for lighting inaccessible areas.
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Items Include:

* Halogen cold light mirror lamp: 15 V, 150 W, 3200 K

The Macrospot 1500 Fiber-Optic Lighting System uses 2 flexible tubes to focus pinpoint “cold” light on small subjects. By “cold” Kaiser refers to the virtual lack of heat in the system which makes it ideal for medical and microscopy uses. Other uses include lapidary or jewelry photography and engineering products and models. The angle of reflection of the light source is approximately 67°. The Macrospot 1500 has full and reduced power settings and maintains a constant color temperature of 3200K with extremely low noise due to the positioning of the cooling fan at the back of the unit. Several optional accessories are offered to shape and control the output.


Weight14.55 lbs. (6.6 kg)
Exterior Dimensions9.06W X 5.12H X 0D in.
(23 X 13 X 0 cm)
Warranty Duration (Standard)2 Year
Power Cord?Yes
Power Cord Length (in)98.43
Power Cord Length (cm)250
Lamp Bulbs Are Replaceable?yes
Replacement Lamp Part Number205952
Power/Wattage (watts)150
Color Temperature (Kelvin)3200
Led Angle of Radiation (degrees)67
Lamp TypeHalogen Cold Light Mirror Lamp


  • Two flexible, jointly detachable, glass-fiber optical light guides
  • Two-stage switching for full and reduced lighting power
  • Extremely low-noise fan cooling
  • Illuminated on/off switch.
  • Cord: approx. 2.50 m (8.2 ft.)


Color Filter Set for Macrospot 1500
Filter screen for insertion into iris diaphragm 5946 or focus attachment 5947.

Focus Attachment for Macrospot 1500
For "macrospot 1500" (5945, 5941), can be mounted on light guides 5942, 5943, 5951.

Iris Diaphragm for Macrospot 1500
For "macrospot 1500" (5945, 5941), can be mounted on light guides 5942, 5943, 5951.

Light Guide with Adapter
For the Kaiser TopTable product table system and for the rod links on most Kaiser copy lighting units (edge length 16 mm (.6 in.))

Optical Light Guide 3-Arm Set for Macrospot 1500
For "macrospot 1500" (5945, 5941).

Ring Light Attachment for Macrospot 1500
For "macrospot 1500" (5945, 5941) mounts to the front of 1.4 - 2.4" (35 - 60 mm) diameter camera lenses.

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