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Junior Boom Stand

Cat # KS501311

Converts from a standard light stand into a junior boom arm.

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The Kupo Convertible Junior Boom Stand is an incredibly versatile support that can be converted from a standard light stand to a junior boom arm by simply pulling the center column out of the stand and using the pivoting collar to position the arm. Constructed from chrome plated steel and featuring square-end legs, the boom arm can support 66lbs at it’s minimum extension of 5ft and 17.6lbs at it’s maximum extension of 9ft. Perfect for a medium sized light fixture with a softbox or umbrella attached. The Junior Boom Stand is also equipped with one leveling leg for balancing loads on uneven terrain, making it just as at home in the field as it is in the studio.


Weight33 lbs. (15 kg)
Exterior Dimensions63D in.
(160 cm)
1st Riser Diameter (in)1.78
2nd Riser Diameter (in)1.57
3rd Riser Diameter (in)1.38
4th Riser Diameter (in)1.18
1st Riser Diameter (mm)45
2nd Riser Diameter (mm)40
3rd Riser Diameter (mm)35
4th Riser Diameter (mm)30
Leg Diameter (in)0.98x0.98
Leg Diameter (mm)0
Primary MaterialChrome Plated Steel
Leveling LegY
Fixed Stand AdapterY
Stand Adapter Typeand 5/8" Baby Pin
Suggested CasterKC-100S KS940712
Spring cushionedY
Closed Length (in)63
Closed Length (cm)160
Maximum Extension (Height) (in)200
Maximum Extension (Height) (cm)510
Weight (lb)33
Weight (kg)15
Maximum Load (lb)66
Maximum Load (kg)30
Footprint Diameter (in)52.8
Footprint Diameter (cm)134


  • Pivoting Collar With Adjustable Lever Handle
  • Chrome Plated Steel Construction with Square-end Legs
  • Leveling Leg


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