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Elinchrom Umbrella Shallow White/Translucent 33"

Cat # EL26358

Elinchrom Umbrella Shallow White/Translucent 85 cm (33")

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Items Include:

Cover for the umbrella.

Elinchrom Umbrella Shallow White/Translucent 85 cm (33")


Warranty Duration with Online Reg2 years


  • The shallow white umbrella with its highly reflective cover is often chosen for its slightly warmer tones and softer shadow transition.
  • When the reflective cover is removed this converts into a translucent umbrella offering a choice between shoot-through and reflected use.
  • Combined with Elinchrom's unique central umbrella (7mm) tube location, these elements together deliver an affordable quality of light.
  • Shoot with the white for a nice soft look or use as a translucent for a wide light spread.
  • Highly efficient bounced light source when used with the cover.
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