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Phottix 2-in-1 Softbox With Grid - 36x47in/ 91x122cm

Cat # PH82680
A large lighting modifier that is perfect for group shots or portrait photography.
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Overview Specifications


Items Include:

1 - Softbox
1 - Interior and exterior diffusers
1 - Carrying bag
4 - Mounting rods
1 - Removable Grid

A large lighting modifier that provide lovely soft light. Great for portraits or group shots.
This professional grade softbox is made with high quality reflective and diffusive material. The interior is made of pro-grade omni-bounce silver reflective fabric with durable black backing. It also features an interior white baffle to provide softer light. An attachable grid is included to better control and aim light from the softbox.
* Speed ring sold seperately.


Weight3.64 lbs. (1.65 kg)
Exterior Dimensions48.03W X 38.19H X 35.83D in.
(122 X 97 X 91 cm)
WarrantyLimited 1 Year
Size (in)0
Size (cm)0
CompatibilityStudio light (with appropriate speedring)
Removable Interior Baffle?No
Accepts Grids?Yes
Requires Speed Ring?Yes
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