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Kaiser "digiShield" LCD Screen Glare Shield; For Digital Compacts with 3.0" LCD Screen

Cat # 206075
For digital compacts with 3.0” LCD screen.
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Overview Specifications


Items Include:

* 3x Adapter Plates
* 2x Flat Headed Mounting Screws
* 1/4" Tripod Adapter Screw
* Instructions

Shields lateral and angular incidence of light from the LCD monitor and improves the visibility of the monitor image on digital cameras. Folds down completely and serves also as a cover and a screen protector. Coil spring supported side flaps will keep the glare shield in opened position. To ease the operation of a touch screen monitor the complete glare shield flips up by releasing a lock rail, no matter if it is open or folded down. The shield is attached to the tripod socket with a screw with thin head or an adapter screw, that has an additional tripod thread. Regardless of the position of the tripod socket on the camera the glare shield can be attached so that it is positioned properly on the monitor and fits tightly to the camera body.


Weight0.26 lbs. (0.12 kg)
Exterior Dimensions2.76W X 2.76H X 0D in.
(7 X 7 X 0 cm)
Warranty Duration (Standard)2 Year
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