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Phottix Phottix Kali50 LED Light

Cat # PH81443
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Items Include:

1 x Kali50 LED Panel, 1 x Remote Control, 1 x AC Adapter, 1 x EU plug, 1 x US plug, 1 x UK plug, 1 x SAA plug
The new generation Phottix Kali50 features more power with 50W (1800Lux) of beautiful soft and flattering light ideal for multiple uses. Housed in a durable aviation-grade aluminum shell, the Kali50 uses the latest in flicker-free technology and features a high color accuracy of CRI96+. The Kali50 comes with a 2.4GH remote control that allows adjustment of color balance and light intensity from distances up to 164ft/50m and includes settings for 3 groups and 40 channels. Color temperature is variable and ranges from 3200K to 5600K so you can match to other fixtures or ambient lighting conditions with ease. Four-way barndoors are included with the light, and by swinging one or more of the leaves into the beam''s path, you can light areas that you want to and keep light from areas you don’t want illuminated. The upgraded power of 50W is all harnessed in a 12mm ultra-thin panel as well as scratch-resistant illuminated diffusion. Power is available via the included AC adapter or two Sony-compatible NP Series batteries (not included). As part of the Phottix LED Ecosystem (ECO1), the Phottix Kali50 LED also allows users complete freedom to add and expand their system by interacting seamlessly with the new Phottix Nuada R3 II LED Light, Phottix Nuada R3 II LED Light Twin Kit Set, and Nuada R4 II LED Light. Phottix LED Ecosystem (ECO1) compatible with: Phottix Nuada R4 II LED Light (PH81482) Phottix Nuada R3 II LED Light Twin Kit Set (PH81428) Phottix Nuada R3 II LED Light (PH81429) Phottix Kali50 LED Light (PH81443)


• Maximum Brightness of 50W (1800Lux) Output  • Phottix LED Ecosystem (ECO1) via 2.4G Remote Control with 3 Groups and 40 Channels • Excellent Color - CRI Rating of 96+/TLCI 98+ • Digital Brightness and Temperature Control • AC Adapter (included) and 2 x Sony-Compatible NP Series Batteries (not included) • Durable Aviation-Grade Aluminum Shell
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