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Benro Induro Classic Carbon Fiber Tripod, 2 Series, 3 Section

Cat # BICLT203
Induro Classic Carbon Fiber Tripod, 2 Series, 3 Section
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These classic expedition-ready tripods have everything adventurous photographers look for to support their professional camera gear. The Induro Classics provide maximum stability, in a compact, unique design, perfect for the evolving image-maker. A unique carbon fiber weave maximizes the strength-to-weight ratio while remaining stealth out in the field.

Our tripods are designed for the real world, so the twist locks can be used in any environment with maximum functionality. They’re also dust resistant, and we oversized them so there’s no need to remove your gloves when the cold weather hits. The magnesium spider features V-pattern cross-braces for greater core system stability, strength and lighter weight.

The extra rigidity provides the sturdiness needed for long lens photography, while keeping the weight down. Essential when lugging telephoto lenses around. Engineered for stability at any angle, our three-stop adjustable leg locks, and independent leg spread, provide lower angles and maximum stability.

An oversized center column lock makes it easy to secure the grooved column in any vertical position. With interchangeable rubber feet and stainless-steel spikes, you can enhance your stability on any terrain. The built-in bubble level helps maintain a level shot. With the attached weight hook, you can maximize your tripod’s stability. A short column even allows you to position your camera as close to the ground as possible.


Weight3.48 lbs. (1.58 kg)
Exterior Dimensions3.62W X 24.61H X 3.62D in.
(9.2 X 62.5 X 9.2 cm)


1. Ergonomic Leg Lock Grips perfectly fit your hand for maximum performance. The textured rubber surface provides a great grip, even when wet or when you''re wearing gloves. 2. Oversized Center Column locking collar provides better grip and vibration reducing support for the column and top mounting plate. 3. Engineered Three position leg angle locks provide optimum contact between the legs and the spider for greater stability at any angle. 4. Dust and Moisture-resistant leg locks let you work in virtually any real-world environment without concern. 5. Included Tool Kit and Deluxe Carrying Bag with Strap.
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