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Kupo Kupole Extends from 150cm (59.0") to 270cm (106.3") - Black

Cat # KD101911

The Kupole is a 2-section aluminum pole with a unique spring locking system that expands between the ceiling and floor for a quick non-permanent mounting solution. The KD101911 extends between 59.0-106.3" (150-270cm) and comes in a black aluminum finish.

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The Kupole Family consists of spring loaded 2-section aluminum poles, the largest of the 3 sizes available extends to over 12'' in height! The unique spring locking expansion system locks the Kupole between the ceiling and the floor, or two walls resulting in a quick, non-permanent mounting solution that only has a footprint of two inches in diameter! This unique product allows you to setup collapsible rigging, background support systems, lights, accessories, shelving, etc. The Kupole is an extremely versatile support and only takes a moment to set-up without the necessity of tools, all with the simple flip of a handle. The KD101911 extends between 59.0-106.3" (150-270cm) and comes in a black aluminum finish.


Weight5.39 lbs. (2.45 kg)
Exterior Dimensions3.15W X 2.75H X 83.81D in.
(8 X 6.98 X 212.88 cm)
1st Riser Diameter (in)1.77
2nd Riser Diameter (in)1.58
1st Riser Diameter (mm)45
2nd Riser Diameter (mm)40
Primary MaterialBlack Aluminum
Minimum Extension (Height) (in)59.06
Minimum Extension (Height) (cm)150
Maximum Extension (Height) (in)106.3
Maximum Extension (Height) (cm)270


  • Expands Between Two Solid Surfaces
  • Black Aluminum Finish
  • Extends from 59.0 - 106.3" (150 - 270cm)
  • 2" Footprint
  • Mounts in Seconds
  • Lightweight and Strong
  • No Tools Required
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