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Heliopan 62mm Light Yellow Filter

Cat # 706202

The Heliopan 62mm Light Yellow Filter slightly reduces blue and is suitable for all outside exposures. A blue sky will become darker, white clouds more visible, and snow scenes more brilliant.

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Overview Specifications


The Heliopan 62mm #5 Light Yellow Glass Filter is commonly used for a noticeable increase in contrast with black and white films. Yellow, orange and red filters generally control contrast in black and white with red producing the greatest contrast. Moderate changes can be accomplished with yellow, which can generally bump up the contrast of an image.


Warranty Duration (Standard)Limited Lifetime
Filter Size62mm
Frame MaterialBrass
EffectContrast control, enhanced skin tones, tonal corrections and more dramatic landscapes; noticeable increase in contrast with black and white films
Filter Factor2 (+1 stop)
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