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Heliopan 58mm Yellow Green Filter

Cat # 705807

The Heliopan 58mm Yellow Green Filter moderately reduces and lightens blue, red, and green tones. It is a universal filter for spring and summer landscapes with a lot of foreground. It corrects the tonal value for reproduction of individual colors on panchromatic material with artificial light and also for portraits and group pictures in daylight.

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Overview Specifications


The Heliopan 58mm #11 Yellow-Green Glass Filter is best for scenes where it is important to differentiate the green tonal values in black and white photography. The bowl of apples you want to shoot by window light with black and white film will take on more snap when you use a green filter. The contrast boost this filter offers will darken the red values of the apples while lightening the green tablecloth they are resting on, as well as the green paint on the wall. Especially suited for landscape photography and portraits against the sky due to its favorable effect on red tones while also darkening sky portraits in contrast to clouds.


Warranty Duration (Standard)Limited Lifetime
Filter Size58mm
Frame MaterialBrass
EffectGreens are lightened to reveal more detail while red blossoms are darkened
Filter Factor2 (1 stop)
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