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Kaiser Digital Thermometer with Probe

Cat # 204092
Battery-powered multi-purpose thermometer with four-digit LCD display
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Items Include:

* G13 1.5V Battery
* Stainless steel probe with 3ft (1m) cord.
* Foldable stand

The Digital Thermometer with Probe from Kaiser is a well-made, stainless steel device manufactured to exacting tolerances. The battery-powered unit features a four-digit LCD display that is easy to read. It also includes an alarm that signals its high/low limits. The 3'' (0.98 m) probe gives you more than an adequate working distance and is supported by a foldable stand for easier viewing. The unit is readily switchable from Centigrade to Fahrenheit readings and produces a quick read-out. Your actual read-out value can also be displayed permanently. To conserve battery power, there is an auto cut-off after one hour of use. Accurate to +/- 1°C (+/- 1.8°F) Stainless steel construction for durability Very wide temperature range Foldable stand makes viewing easier and frees up your hands for other functions Large, bright four-digit LCD read-out Minimum and maximum temperature memory Auto cut-off after one hour conserves battery power Built-in high/low temperature alarm


Weight0.29 lbs. (0.13 kg)
Exterior Dimensions5.12W X 8.27H X 0D in.
(13 X 21 X 0 cm)
Warranty Duration (Standard)2 Year


  • 4-digit LCD display
  • Switchable C to F
  • Min/Max Temperature Memory
  • Temperature alarm with Hi/Lo Limits
  • Automatic 1 hour cutoff
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