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Elinchrom Scanlite Halogen 300/650W Without Lamp

Cat # EL20998
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Items Include:

Mains Cable
24918 Transparent Glass Dome
Protective Cover

The 120-230VAC Elinchrom SCANLITE Halogen Light is a constant tungsten hot light featuring built-in spot to flood zoom control for modifying the intensity to suit a variety of lighting options. Zoom control is accessible on both the right and left sides of the housing and, when paired with the optional 8.25" reflector, 20° to 50° beam angles can be achieved. A built-in, centered 7mm fitting facilitates the use of umbrellas and other standard light modifiers or, additionally, an extra fitting is available for use of other umbrella shaft sizes.

The SCANLITE accepts either 300W or 650W halogen lamps and features an intelligent low noise fan cooling system that can determine how quickly to spin depending on the internal temperature of the head. Overheat protection will shut down the light if high temperatures are detected, and will automatically turn back on once cool.

A large handle with rubber grip enables easier mounting to 5/8" light stands and the included transparent glass dome offers protection to the optional lamps. It accepts standard bayonet-locking reflectors for further light modification.


Weight3.9 lbs. (1.78 kg)
Lux650W: 12500/9500 // 300W: 8500/5500
Lumen650W: 20000/20000 // 300W: 9600/8100
Color temperature in °K at max. power3200
Voltage650W: 230V/120V // 300W: 230V/120V
MultiVoltageScanlite Heads can be used with either 110 V or 230 V. Only the Halogen and the fuse must apply to the correct voltages and values !
ControlsModelling lamp on/off and Zoom function
Modelling lamp 230 VStandard configuration : 300 W / 230 V Halogen GX 6.35 // 23022
Modelling lamp 115 VStandard configuration : 300 W / 110 V Halogen GX 6.35 // 23030
Tripod AdapterStandard 5/8”
Fan CooledElectronically intelligent temperature controlled fan. At high internal temperature the modelling switches off. After cooling down the modelling lamp switches back on automatically
Umbrella fittingCentered tube for EL-umbrellas ø 7 mm. Stand bracket with extra umbrella fitting for larger umbrella shafts
Glass dome frosted24919


Accepts optional 300W or 650W halogen lamps for constant 3200K output.
Multi-voltage 120-230VAC depending on lamp and fuse configuration.
Zoom control enables versatile light output quality from flood to spot intensities. When used with the optional 8.25" metal reflector, 20° to 50° beam angles can be achieved.
Zoom control is accessible on either side of the housing and a large handle with rubber grip further benefits overall handling.
Intelligent low noise fan cooling system determines how quickly to spin the fan in order to prolong sustained use. If the light overheats, this system will automatically shut down the light and turn back on once cool.
Center 7mm umbrella fitting accepts standard umbrellas; extra fitting is also included to accept other umbrella shaft sizes.
Compatible with standard 5/8" studs for mounting to most light stands.
Accepts standard bayonet-locking metal reflectors. Transparent glass dome is included to offer protection to optional halogen lamps.
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