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Nanlite Nanlite Compac 40B Bicolor LED Panel

Cat # 12-2005
Nanlite Compac 40B Bicolor Studio LED Panel. Combines a slim profile with impressive brightness to create lighting similar to large softboxes but at a fraction of the size. Features 0 to 100% dimming, a maximum output of 3344 lumens (1540 Lux @ 1m 5600K, 1450 Lux @ 1m 3200K), and adjustable color temperature from 3200-5600K.
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Nanlite Compac 40B Bicolor LED Panel Power Cord 2 Year Limited Warranty (Extend to 3 Year Limited With Registration on
Combining a slim profile with impressive brightness, Nanlite Compac series studio LED panels achieve lighting similar to large softboxes but at a fraction of the size and none of the set up time. This space-saving design makes them an ideal option for headshots, live streaming, food photography, vlogging, product photography, and more. With Compac series LEDs you can quickly achieve beautiful, studio-quality results without adding plastic filters or cloth diffusion. Rear controls enable you to dial in brightness from 0-100% and color temperature from warm to cold (3200K-5600K). Whether you are shooting a video on location or setting up a home photography studio space is always at a premium. Compac series LEDs give you the light you need in the room you have. At only 3 inches thick, the Compac40B uses high-efficiency LEDs to provide up to 3344 lumens (1540 Lux @ 1m 5600K, 1450 Lux @ 1m 3200K) of illumination. Supplied with a standard 5/8" receiver mount, the Compac 40B can be mounted directly on any standard light stand.


Weight3.13 lbs. (1.42 kg)
Exterior Dimensions3W X 16H X 9D in.
(7.62 X 40.64 X 22.86 cm)
WarrantyLimited 2 Year Warranty (Extend to 3 Years Total With Online Registration)
Color Temp (Kelvin)3200K-5600K
Lux @ 1m 3200K1450
Lux @ 2m 3200K345
Lux @ 3m 3200K150
Lux @ 1m 5600K1540
Lux @ 2m 5600K367
Lux @ 3m 5600K163
Lumen Output 3200K3344
Lumen Output 5600K3344
Special EffectsNone
Cooling SystemPassive
Max Power Consumption40w
Power Source100-240V AC
Battery CompatibilityNone AC Only
DMX ControlNo
Wireless Control TypeNone
Mount5/8" Receiver


-Size L/W/H: 9x3x16 inches -Color Temp: 3200-5600K -CRI: 95 -TLCI: 93 -Dimming: 0-100% -Lumen Output 5600K: 3344 lumens -Lux @ 1m 5600K: 1540 lux -Lux @ 1m 3200K: 1450 lux -Power Source: 100-240V AC -Max Power Draw: 40w Mount: 5/8" Receiver
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