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Cat # F-ASABE-25
Extension shaft for studio stand
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ASABE is a shaft extension, which is screwed between the cast base and the stand’s pillar. In the field of industrial metrology a stand will typically move around much more than in a traditional studio of photography. It is not exceptional that it be moved by vehicle to another site altogether. To meet the special requirements of industrial and optical measurement labs, FOBA has especially developed take-apart shafts. The shaft section where the cross piece and beam travel up and down is shorter than standard, so that it will fit easily in a van or car. Where the measurement sensor position is high above floor level, a shaft extension ASABE will be screwed on below the reduced shaft on site. This solution offers high mobility without reducing the scope of use. Warning: The total shaft length must not exceed the maximum value supplied by FOBA in the product brochures and on the FOBA web site. Excessive height can tip the stand and thereby endanger people and objects.
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