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Foba Special studio stand for museums

Foba Std stnd, tlscp. bm 4.3mASOBU
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Museums and galleries sometimes have special requirements when it comes to photographing their artworks which can only be inadequately satisfied with normal equipment. They often need to photograph large paintings or tapestries in small segments and assemble them into high resolution images. FOBA has modified the ASABA studio stand to meet this requirement. The ASABA-T has two horizontal beams. On the outer horizontal beam there is a ball-bearing mounted dolly on which the camera is fixed. Thanks to this construction, images can be photographed in small segments up to a length of 4.3 metres (14.1’), without having to move the stand on the floor. On the following youtube video you can see how to use the ASABA-T to take the respective photographs. Thanks to the ASOBU shaft turning mechanism, mounted between the base and the shaft, the shaft can be turned and positioned parallel to the painting. There are 2 fittings for the all-purpose trays ARTEO and ARTEU integrated in the crosspiece. To ensure the studio stand remains stable, extra weights are placed on each blade of the base.
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