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Foba DSS ALPHA studio stand

Foba DSS ALPHA std stnd std w/AROBA
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FOBA, manufacturing leader of high-quality studio stands, has designed the DSS range to satisfy extreme requirements and provide even more working safety. Studio stands that are comfortable to work with, safe and absolutely steady are not only required for large format professional cameras, but also for sensors and digital cameras. Safety FOBA is aware of the amounts that users entrust to its studio stands in the form of cameras or digital equipment. Consistent accuracy, as well as countless measurement and control processes in production and assembly allow FOBA stands to meet even the narrowest tolerances. Precision Stability alone is no longer enough – the modern user wants high-precision shaft guiding, adjusting and locking. This is why the FOBA DSS range is equipped with 24 state-of-theart ball bearings, brakes and locking components which are made of extensively tested materials, thus ensuring fully manageable friction and almost no wear. Digital Digital photographic equipment demands even more from a studio stand than conventional cameras. FOBA has designed its DIGITAL SUPPORT SYSTEM (DSS) with an eye to the future. Variety With its large selection of accessories, each FOBA studio stand can cater to the most diverse requirements. Therefore, in the long run, the initial expenditure turns into a worthwhile investment. Designed for heavy professional cameras and big sensors or for working at great height without loss of stability. Handy Includes 4 fittings for all-purpose trays ARTEO and ARTEU on the crosspiece and one spigot at each end of the beam, onto which tilt heads and arms can be mounted. The standard delivery includes one rotating platform AROBA. the Cast-iron base is equipped with a double pedal and a shock absorber. There are built-in rulers on the shaft and beam, aswell as a built-in rotation gauge in degrees on the crosspiece.
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