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Foba Caster base for ASABA/AROBI/ASLAI

Foba bse stnds,lrg cs,3 ad wt-ARBOC
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Unlike traditional photo studios where the stands are moved only a few meters and where floors are usually level, stands used in measurement technology carrying measuring equipment are moved much more often. Here the stands are rolled from one room to another, over doorsteps and other obstacles, often even transported by vehicle to another working place. FOBA meets the needs of industrial measurement technology by providing not only stable, high precision stands but also a light, movable caster base. The caster base ARBOF has following features:
  • The casters have ball bearings; a single pedal for each caster serves as a lock for rolling and rotating movement.
  • The construction of the base enables the stand to tilt and roll on two casters, to get through a door, for example.
  • The caster base can be carried around by one person only, as it weighs only 25 kg, excluding additional weights.
  • To achieve better stability, an extra weight of 7.5 kg can be screwed underneath each blade.
  • Two screws are situated where the stand is screwed onto the base. They allow the shaft to be mounted into the right place at first try (does not work for the ASABA shaft).
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