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NOVOFLEX MB-MINI - Mini MagicBall Ballhead - Supports 11.00 lb (4.99 kg)

Precision Engineered Ball Heads and Quick Release Bases and Plates

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The smallest, most light-weighted member of the MagicBall family. Like its two bigger brothers the MagicBall and MagicBall 50, the Novoflex Mini MagicBall is a marvel of innovation. You have instant access to 85% of a sphere, making this far and away the quickest-to-position ballhead on the market. There is no vertical notch necessary! The MagicBall surface is coated with a scratch-resistant, smooth shell which significantly reduces the transmission of vibrations while allowing the user to move the gear with ease and expedience. There is no independent panning capacity with the MagicBall, but this can be solved by using Novoflex''s Universal Panorama Plate if you''re so inclined. Together the two pieces provide quicker use than all other ballheads. The Mini MagicBall can hold almost all 35mm-sized digital SLR gear, and will not creep even with an SLR with 70-200mm f/2.8 lens and flash attached. While it has immense locking power for its little size, it does not have tension control like the two larger models-the Mini was designed for the traveller whom needs the lightest kit possible and was willing to make such a sacrifice. If you will be tracking moving subjects with large telephoto lenses, you will be better served by the MagicBall 50. Save the size, weight and cost of quick release mechanisms; the MagicBall''s moving screw with thumbwheel is fast enough that you''ll be glad to be travelling lighter.


Load Capacity (lb)11
Ball Diameter (in)1.57
Base Diameter (in)1.38
Dimensions (in)Support pad: 1.77” x 1.18”


MagicBall head MINI, range of 120°, Ht: 2.95”, Ball Ø 1.57”, Length: 4.3”, Base Ø 1.38”, Support pad: 1.77” x 1.18”, Wt: 0.73 lbs., Load 11 lbs. * Suitable for camera equipment up to 11 lbs / 5 kg. * Ideal for use i.e. on monopods. * Without tension control.
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