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Saramonic NV5-WS Replacement Furry Windscreen for SR-NV5 and MixMic

Cat # NV5-WS
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The Saramonic SR-ULM7 is a clip-on lavalier USB microphone that’s fully compatible with both Windows PCs and Apple Macintosh computers. Using this microphone is as easy as it gets: you simply plug it into the USB port of your computer — and that’s it! The microphone is class compliant so there are no drivers! You are ready to record audio with your software of choice. Perfect for doing high-quality interviews, vlogging, YouTube videos, making crystal-clear Skype or VoIP calls, video conferencing, recording podcasts and so much more. And even though the SR-ULM7 is ultra-compact, it provides full, rich sound. Clip-on lavalier microphones are a painless way to record your voice into a computer. They’re far more comfortable than wearing headset mics, and they don’t have bulky stands that consume desk space like other USB microphones. The SR-ULM7 is practically just a single wire, and since it clips to your collar right under your mouth, it picks up the sound of your voice consistently and effectively. Its built-in 19.5-foot (6m) cable gives you a generous amount of length to step away from the computer while still being connected. The omnidirectional pickup pattern of the SR-ULM7 captures sound evenly in every direction, which means you don’t need to worry about where it’s pointing when clipped to your collar. A fitted windscreen and a secure microphone clip are both included. The Saramonic SR-ULM7 is an inexpensive, easy, and excellent sounding solution for recording your voice into a computer. Included items: 1 x Omnidirectional USB lavalier microphone with 19.5-foot (6m) cable 1 x Alligator-style microphone clip 1 x Fitted foam windscreen 1 x Warranty card Optional Accessories (Sold Separately): ? LM-WS Fur Windjammer for Lavalier 3-Pack ? SR-LMWS3 Replacement Foam Windscreens 3-Pack ? WM4C-MC1 Replacement Mic Clip


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