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Saramonic SR-FW4 Replacement Foam Windscreen for Saramonic DK4 Series Lavaliers and TR50, EMW, VT500, VT506, WL93 or DL4

Cat # SR-FW4
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The Saramonic SR-FW4 is a replacement foam windscreen designed for the Saramonic DK4 series lavalier. It is designed to protect the microphone from wind noise and vocal plosives while protecting from moisture in dirt while in use. It is also compatible with other low-profile flat microphones like the Tram TR50, Countryman EMW, Voice Technologies VT500 and VT506, Shure WL93 and DL4, and more. Perfectly paired with the Saramonic SR-MC4 replacement microphone clip, for a fool-proof lavalier back-up kit.


Weight0 lbs. (0 kg)
Exterior Dimensions0.59W X 0.79H X 0.59D in.
(1.5 X 2 X 0 cm)


Replacement foam windscreen for Saramonic DK4 Series Premium Broadcast Lavaliers Also compatible with Tram TR50, Countryman EMW, Voice Technologies VT500 & VT506, Shure WL93 & DL4 and more Reduces Wind Noise and Vocal Plosives, and Protects microphone from Moisture and Dirt Pair with the Saramonic SR-MC4 replacement microphone clip for an ideal lavalier back-up kit Fits DK4A, DK4B, DK4C, DK4D, DK4E and DK4F Lavaliers
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