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Saramonic VWS Professional Windshield and Suspension System (Blimp / Zeppelin) for Shotgun and Pencil Microphones

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Saramonic VWS Professional Windshield and Suspension System (Blimp / Zeppelin) for Shotgun Microphones
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Items Include:

Included items: 1 x Handle and shock mount unit with short, internal XLR cable 12x Shock mount Bands 1 x Main blimp housing 1 x Front dome 1 x Rear dome 1 x Furry windscreen 1 x 1/4” 20 tripod thread adapter 1 x Carrying pouch 1x Manual
The Saramonic VWS is a professional windshield and suspension system for shotgun and pencil microphones that gives you the ability to capture clean-sounding audio in extreme weather conditions. The advanced shock mount suspension system eliminates unwanted vibration and handling noise and performs excellently when used outdoors in high winds, or when used indoors for interior boom pole work, stand usage, or when used handheld with the pistol-grip handle. This is the ideal blimp solution for the Saramonic TM1, TM7, and NV5 shotgun microphones, but it can also perfectly accommodate almost every industry standard shotgun and pencil microphone, up to 14.9” (380mm) in length with a diameter of 0.75-0.91” (19-23mm). The overall angle of the shock mount and blimp can quickly be adjusted to optimize the position of the microphone. A short, coiled XLR cable is built into the handle and shock mount unit to make it easy to connect microphones without concerning yourself with cable routing. The internal cabling also helps to create a seamless structure to diffuse rushing wind. An acoustically transparent furry windscreen acts as the external layer of the VMS, and it can easily be removed for use in milder environments. A 3/8“ thread at the base of the handle enables you to attach the VMS to boom poles, like the Saramonic Magic Boom Pole, and the 1/4” 20 thread adapter is also included to give you near limitless mounting options. If your productions move rapidly from interior to exterior shots, the VMS can quickly be modified for those tasks. The rear and front domes of the are easily removable, and an integrated slide rail lets you quickly take off the main blimp housing. Likewise, the system is easy to break down and pack at the end of a shoot, and a carrying pouch is included for convenient storage and transport. All of the components are ultra-lightweight, so they won’t weigh you down when you’re working or moving your gear. The Saramonic VWS enables you to confidently achieve professional-level sound quality in adverse outdoor conditions with a wide variety of shotgun microphones at a remarkably budget-friendly price. Optional Accessories (Sold Separately): ? Magic Boom Pole Aluminum Boom Pole ? SR-TM1 Medium-Length Professional Shotgun Microphone ? SR-TM7 Long Shotgun Professional Microphone ? SR-NV5 Short Professional XLR Shotgun Microphone ? SR-M500 Matched Pair Small-Diaphragm Condenser Microphones ? UwMic9 RX9+TX-XLR9 Dual-Channel UHF Wireless Plug-On Transmitter System ? UwMic15B UHF Wireless Plug-On Transmitter System ? SR-XLR4C VHF Wireless Plug-On Transmitter System


Warranty Duration (Standard)1 year
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