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Saramonic SR-CS2 Zippered Clamshell Protective Case with Strap for Headset or Lavalier Microphones with Clips, Windscreens and more

Cat # SR-CS2
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The Saramonic SR-CS2 is a molded protective case for headset or lavalier microphones, and their accessories. It provides vital protection for delicate and often expensive microphones when in transit or in storage. The SR-CS2 ensures that the delicate capsules, cables, connectors and other components of the headsets and lavalier microphones are not damaged when on the move or thrown in a camera or mixer bag. And also provides protection in storage for those vital accessories, like windscreens and clips, you will need for the shoot. Snug Protection for Headsets, Lavaliers, Portable Wireless Systems and more The SR-CS2 features a zipper clamshell design that when closed provides rigid, yet still lightweight protection. Inside are two compartments, one with a flexible mesh pocket that keeps your microphones and vital accessories in place and protected, the other with a flexible strap that holds your headset microphone or other components in place. It can easily hold up to two headsets, or four lavaliers for wireless systems from any manufacturer, with their accessories. It can even hold portable wireless systems, like the Blink 500 or Rode Wireless Go II with lavaliers and vital accessories. It also features a wrist strap for extra protection.


Weight0.28 lbs. (0.13 kg)
Exterior Dimensions5.91W X 2.17H X 6.3D in.
(15 X 5.5 X 0.28 cm)


Rugged molded case provides vital protection for up headset or lavalier microphones with clips, windscreens and more Ideal case for any headset microphone or up to four lavalier microphones to protect the microphones and accessories during transit and storage Two compartments, one with a flexible mesh pocket and the other with a flexible strap on the inside to keep microphones and accessories secure Perfect for other accessories, microphones and even a portable wireless system as well Replacement case for Saramonic DK6 Headset Microphone
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