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Tenba Tools Lens Capsule 6x4.5 in. (15x11 cm) — Black

Cat # 636-358
Tenba Tools is a collection of versatile, problem solving accessories designed to keep everything organized and protected, from memory cards and batteries to cameras and lenses and everything in between. This collection includes card wallets, cable pouches, packable bags, padded camera inserts and more, with each Tool designed to meet the critical demands of professional photographers and filmmakers.
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Lenses are the keys to a good image, yet they are usually the most breakable piece of gear in your camera kit. To provide added protection for lenses inside or outside a camera bag, Tenba designed the Lens Capsule: a durable padded lens pouch with extra protection in the form of molded EVA caps on both ends where the lens is most fragile. The secure loop at the rear of the Lens Capsule will attach to virtually any waist belt or MOLLE compatible system, as well as to the sides of many Tenba bags. The lid opens with a sturdy YKK zipper, and the interior mesh pocket holds the included Tenba microfiber lens cloth. Lens Capsules come in a variety of sizes to fit everything from small prime lenses all the way up to a 200-400mm zoom, and each size was carefully designed to fit many possible lenses. As an example, the Lens Capsule that fits a 24-70mm 2.8 with the lens hood extended will also fit a 70-200mm 2.8 with the hood reversed.


Exterior Dimensions5.25W X 8H X 5.25D in.
(13 X 20 X 13 cm)
Interior Dimensions4.5W X 6H X 4.5D in.
(11 X 15 X 11 cm)


  • Versatile Protection: Padded Lens Capsule provides protection for lenses inside a larger bag or on a waist belt.
  • Extra Padding Where It Counts: Rigid, molded EVA foam lid and base ensure extra protection where the lens is most vulnerable.
  • Attaches To Waist Belt: Secure loop allows Lens Capsule to be attached to virtually any waist belt or MOLLE compatible system.
  • Included Microfiber Lens Cloth: Tucked inside mesh pouch so it’s there when you need it.
  • Keep Your Lens Hood On: Interior diameter allows most lenses to be stored with a lens hood attached, either in reversed or extended position, depending on lens size.
  • High-Performance Materials and Hardware: Exterior made from water-repellant shadow ripstop nylon and a durable YKK® zipper.
  • Lightweight Design: Provides protection without being bulky or heavy.
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