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Kupo 13.2 lbs (6kg) hook and loop Refillable Sandbag - Empty

Cat # KG083011

A sand bag is what's known as a "Silent Grip" because it does its job efficiently without any complaints! Kupo's sandbags include deluxe features such as double stitching, interior bias binding, double handles, strong hook and loop closure and metal hanger. This sandbag will accommodate 15 lbs (6kg) of sand.

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A sand bag is what's known as a "Silent Grip" because it does its job efficiently without any complaints!

Sand bags are necessary safety items. They prevent light stands from tipping over. They provide a down and dirty place to support a camera and also act as counterweights for booms. If you have people, especially children in your studio, a sand bag can prevent them from knocking down an expensive lighting fixture or worse causing injury to themselves or others.


Weight0.45 lbs. (0.2 kg)
Exterior Dimensions8.38W X 1.25H X 11.38D in.
(21.27 X 3.18 X 28.89 cm)


Kupo has included many features to make their sandbags stand the test of time:

  • Extra rivets combined with double stitching and interior bias binding for maximum strength.
  • Double handles on both top and bottom provide more comfort.
  • High quality hook and loop closure to assure that the contents stay where they belong.
  • Metal hanger provides more strength.
  • 13.2lbs (6kg) Capacity


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