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Phottix Hot Shoe Gel Set

Cat # PH35697
Easily mount gels on hot shoe flashes. Includes 30 special effects gels.
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Overview Specifications


Items Include:

1 - Mounting Bracket
1 - hook and loop Strap
1 - 30 gels

Easily mount gels on hot shoe flashes - with 30 special effects gels included.
Using gels with hot shoe flashes can be challenging. How can you attach them? With hook and loop tabs or gaffer tape or some other inelegant contraption.

Enter the Phottix Hot Shoe Gel Set. This set includes a plastic gel mounting bracket that easily attached to most hot shoe flash heads using a hook and loop strip. Easy use any of the 30 included gels with hot shoe flashes. The black/silver attachment can be used a barndoor/flag or a bounce card.

Gel colors include: Gulf Blue, Coral, Dove Gray ,Tech Green, Ocean Blue, Sienna, Teal, Soft Gray, Studio Blue, Blue Mist, Tulip, Redwood, Marmalade, Holly, Autumn, Rustic, Country Blue, Evergren, Banana, Purple, Blue Jean, Greentone, Regal Blue, Baby Blue, Ultramarine, Canary, Sky Blue, Primary Red, Deep Yellow, Chestnut


Weight0.22 lbs. (0.1 kg)
Exterior Dimensions2.76W X 4.72H X 3.54D in.
(7 X 12 X 9 cm)
WarrantyLimited 1 Year
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