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Phottix Phottix Q-Drop Collapsible Backdrop Kit

Cat # PH83432
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Specifications Features


Items Include:

1 x 13ft x 5ft Green/Blue Muslin Backgroud, 1 x 13ft x 5ft Black / White Muslin Background, 1 x Background Frame, 2 x Backdrop Flat Leg Supports, 2 x Backdrop Stand Locks, 2 x Backdrop Stand Screws, 1 x Carry Bag


Weight13.67 lbs. (6.2 kg)
Exterior Dimensions60W X 78H X
(152.4 X 198.1 X )


Ideal for live streaming, zooming, interviews, portraits, youtube, tutorials, & post-production keying  Includes: 1 x 13ft x 5ft blue/green and 1 x black/white 13ft x 5ft muslin background   Quick to assemble Collapses flat into a carry bag for easy storage or transportation
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