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Elinchrom Adapter Elinchrom-Profoto

Cat # EL26333
The Elinchrom-Profoto® Reflector Adapter enables to use all Elinchrom accessories on Profoto® heads. A change in light characterisics and a reduction of performance, light output and lighting angle may be observed. Other brands pilotlights and flashtubes may create excessive heat, which could damage Elinchrom Accessories and/or the third party flash unit. Misusing or damages of either the third party unit or our accessories are not covered by the Elinchrom Warranty.
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Overview Specifications


  • Super fast to set up, with the unique EL folding construction.
  • 360° rotating system.
  • All Indirect Softlites are supplied with external diffuser, internal diffuser and carrying bag.
  • Accepts all Elinchrom flash heads including Quadra heads, with Quadra Reflector Adapter 26342.
  • Accepts all Profoto™ flash heads via the EL to Profoto Adapter 26333.
  • Elinchrom-Profoto AdapterIndirect Lightbank Octa 190 cmIndirect Lightbank Recta 72 x 175 cmIndirect Lightbank Square 145x145cmIndirect Lightbank Strip 33 x 175 cm.


Weight0.64 lbs. (0.29 kg)
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