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NOVOFLEX STASET - Macro Extension Rod Support System

Rod Support System and Accessories
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Overview Features


Items Include:

  • 2 x Metal Rod 30 cm
  • Metal Rod 15cm
  • Angle Connector 90 Degrees
  • 1/4"-20 Female / 1/4"-20 Female Threaded Adapter
  • Mini Ball Head with Flash Shoe
  • Mini Clamp for Staset
  • Plant Holder with 1/4" Socket
  • Ground Spike with 1/4" Thread
The Novoflex STASET Rod Support System is a set of rods that allows assembly in a multitude of ways and can be combined freely to extend the assembly in any direction. It enables the user to build structures of any type, both in the studio and outdoors.


Macro Extension Rod/Accessory System: 2-STA-30, 1-STA-15, 1-MUFFE, 1-VBSCHRAUBE, 1-M-NEIGER, 1-KLAMMER, 1-PF-KLAMMER, 1-NAGEL
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