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Kupo EZ-TIE Deluxe Cable Ties 0.78 x 16.1" (2 X 41cm) - Black (10 Pack)

Cat # KG085213

Cable ties are the easiest way to secure your cables to light stands, booms and of course for transport or storage. These deluxe hook and loop cable ties feature a double "O" ring buckle to help get them nice and snug, a label panel to write in and five color options for easy identification of your different types of cables. They are washable, UV resistant to keep their color and have been tested in extreme temperatures with a life cycle of over 10,000 closures!

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Weight0.1 lbs. (0.05 kg)
Exterior Dimensions4W X 0.9H X 7D in.
(10.16 X 2.28 X 17.78 cm)
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