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Tenba Reload Battery 2 - Battery Pouch

Cat # 636-213
Tenba Tools is a collection of versatile problem-solving accessories, including memory card wallets, cable pouches, padded camera inserts and more. Each Tool is designed to solve unique needs for protection and organization that professional photographers and filmmakers encounter every day. Keep memory cards secure, batteries close at hand, cables organized, cameras protected inside common travel bags, and above all, keep your beverages COLD!!
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The Reload battery pouch carries 2 DSLR batteries, and it has a hook and loop loop to attach to a belt, shoulder strap or backpack harness straps to keep batteries close at hand. Neoprene pockets stretch to accomodate popular battery sizes. Use the D-rings on the back to attach an optional security cable, or a lanyard to hang batteries inside a jacket to keep them warm in cold weather.


Weight0.05 lbs. (23 grams kg)
Exterior Dimensions4W X 2.75H X 1.5D in.
(10 X 7 X 4 cm)
Capacity 2 DSLR Batteries


- Slim pouch to securely carry 2 DSLR batteries.

- Rear hook and loop loop easily attaches to belt, shoulder strap or backpack harness straps for quick access to batteries at all times.

- Neoprene pockets stretch to accommodate popular battery sizes.

- Rear D-rings can be used to attach optional security cord, or a lanyard to hang batteries inside a jacket in cold weather.

- Exterior of water-repellent shadow ripstop nylon.

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