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Where do I find my eligibility code?

Don't have an eligibility code? That's Ok. You don't actually need one. Occasionally at a PhotoVideoEDU event the MAC Group representative may give a student/educator an eligibility code that they can use only for that day to create an order. If you were given an eligibility code you can use it. If not, don't worry about it. In order to activate your eligibility simply provide us with your proof of eligibility. For those of ordering via the PhotoVideoEDU website, you will only have to prove your eligibility on your first purchase of the academic year (Sept-Aug.) Once we have verified your eligibility, we will turn on your eligibility within your account until August of that Academic year. (Please note: available for orders shipping to the U.S. only).

Where/how do I send my proof of eligibility?

You can submit that proof of eligibility by whatever means is easiest for you: mail, fax, or email. Below is the appropriate information to do so:


Fax #: 914-206-4573

Mailing Address:
MAC Group Attn: PhotoVideEDU Sales
75 Virginia Road
North White Plains, NY 10603

Why do I have to choose a dealer?

We believe that when it comes to purchasing professional grade tools, having some level of local support is in your best interest. That way should you have any questions you can go to a local dealer in good conscientiousness and ask for help. The MAC group is a distributor of some of the premier professional photographic equipment brands. We sell to the U.S. camera stores and dealers of professional Photographic equipment. Our PhotoVideoEDU site makes it easier for schools/students who may not have a dealer close by, or prefer to purchase on line. The MAC Group will process your payment, and then credit the dealer for the amount of money that they would have made, had you walked into their store and placed your order with them. We will ship the product directly to you. You will not need to go to the dealer to pick up your order.

Can I get expedited shipping?

The MAC Group ships all orders via UPS ground service unless other wise arranged. If you need your to be delivered faster via an expedited shipping option you may choose to do so. If we are running a free shipping promotion (as we often do) and you would like expedited service you will of course have to pay the difference between the ground shipping and the expedited service requested.

Do you charge for returns?

We do not charge a restocking fee. Shipping costs incurred for returns are non-refundable.
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