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Webinar: Using Grip Equipment to Rig Off-Camera Flash


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August 01, 2012 · Published by Kupo

Jason Friedman demonstrates how to rig three distinct multi-light shots using off-camera flash while taking advantage of Kupo’s precision-crafted grip equipment and PocketWizard’s wireless triggering systems.

In this webinar you will learn how to rig two- and three-flash setups utilizing specialized grip gear. Jason Friedman will guide you through the setup for an executive portrait in an office environment and two studio shots—a beauty shot and a lifestyle shot.

Featured photographer: Jason Friedman

Featured gear:
Baby Drop Ceiling Adapter, 5/8" (16mm) Stud
Baby 5" Grip Arm Pin
Baby 5/8" (16mm) Stud, 66mm long for 3 & 4 Way Clamp
Adapter, Junior to Baby, 1/8" Stud to 5/8" Stud
Hot Shoe Adapter
Tilting Umbrella Adapter with KG000912 & KG001112 Studs
Off Camera Flash Alli Clamp
3 Way Clamp, for 1.0-1.4" (25 to 35mm) Tube
Handy Stand
High Roller Stand
Master 20" C-Stand with Turtle Base Kit - Silver
Master 40" C-Stand with Turtle Base Kit - Silver

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