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Webinar: Triggering Tips for Wireless Flash


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October 13, 2010 · Published by Friday Photo School

In this 80-minute Foundations series webinar, photographer and technical expert Will Crockett gives an in-depth course on using a wireless trigger to fire one or more flash units.

Few things in photography are more frustrating than having your off-camera flash misfire. And using a 12-foot sync cord . . . forget it.

Pro photographers rely on wireless flash triggering in their daily work, and this episode of the popular Foundations Web TV series will show you the best ways to use a wireless system with various flashes. The program includes demo shoots using:

  • one flash off the camera
  • one flash on the camera and a second one off-camera


You can download the presentation in three sizes, optimized for Mac, Windows PC, and iPhone.

Download the video for Apple Macintosh.

Download the video for Windows PC.

Download the video for Apple iPhone.

Featured photographer: Will Crockett

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