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Webinar: Fast and Safe Portrait Studio Setup


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May 14, 2012 · Published by Kupo

Jason Friedman demonstrates how to choose the right grip gear, set up a multi-light studio portrait session safely and quickly, and light a subject.

In this webinar you will learn how grip equipment is used to rig a one-, two-, and three-light setup; four background lights; and a seamless background to achieve two different types of portrait lighting. Afterwards it will be clear how grip equipment can benefit you as a still photographer, and as you transition into being a moving image maker or a combination of the two, since the portrait lighting styles and the equipment used to achieve them are equally applicable to both disciplines.

Grip equipment consists of light stands and specialized hardware that allows you to mount cameras, lighting equipment, and accessories virtually anywhere. When it comes to rigging cameras and lighting, the same tools are used by both photographers and filmmakers. Of course each industry has specialized tools for its craft, such as strobes for still photography and dollies for smooth camera movements in cinematography. But the huge variety of grip gear that filmmakers have been using for decades—including clamps, adapters, stands, light control, booms, and arms—is found in professional photography studios worldwide.

Especially now, with the evolution of the DSLR and its amazing video capabilities, investing in grip equipment is an obvious choice for any imaging professional.


Featured photographer: Jason Friedman

Featured gear:
Master 20" C-Stand with Turtle Base - Silver

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