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Webinar: Beautiful Portraits with Continuous Light


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February 28, 2014 · Published by Sekonic

They run hot, the color spectrum is off, and the light is uneven from continuous light kits—isn't it? Don't you need to use studio strobes for beautiful portraits? If you thought that was the case, you'll be surprised to see how continuous lights can be both beautiful and easy to use.

Host Joe Brady uses a single Bowens Streamlite 530, a reflector, and a Sekonic L-478DR light meter in a simple yet effective studio set.

You'll see the benefits a light meter can bring to this type of lighting by providing the information you need to get it right in-camera. Only a light meter can accurately measure the directional light that is illuminating your subject—no missed shots, no missed opportunities, perfect exposure every time.

Featured photographer: Joe Brady

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