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Webinar: An Introduction to Ilford's New Fine Art Papers


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March 12, 2013 · Published by ILFORD

If you're interested in producing fine art inkjet prints, join host Joe Brady as he introduces Ilford's new fine art papers and explains how to get the best print results possible.

Three new paper categories are presented in this lineup, including 100% Cotton Rag, High Quality Alpha-Cellulose, and Ilford's Gold Mono Silk, which was created specifically for black-and-white printing.

Learn about what properties make each new paper unique and see how to download and implement Ilford's free paper profiles for great color accuracy. After installing the profiles, Joe will take us through print settings from both Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 4 to ensure consistent and reproducible results.


Featured photographer: Joe Brady

Featured gear:
GALERIE Prestige Gold Cotton Smooth - 8.5x11" 25 Sheet Pack
GALERIE Prestige Gold Mono Silk - 8.5x11" 25 Sheet Pack

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