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Webinar: A Photo Student's Guide to Turning Pro, Part 2: Inspiration: The Pros' Secrets to Finding and Keeping It


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April 12, 2011 · Published by PhotoShelter

Join PhotoShelter co-founder and vice president Grover Sanschagrin for the second installment of this PhotoVideoEDU/PhotoShelter student webinar series. In this session, Grover takes a deep look at inspiration—where to find it, cultivate it, and maintain it—because inspiration can be the key factor that sustains a successful career as a pro photographer. Grover calls on the help of eight successful photographers from various specialties to share their insights on how to consistently stay inspired. You'll hear from Casey Templeton, Ami Vitale, Tim Mantoani, Robert Seale, Corey Rich, Scott Strazzante, Brian Peterson, and Michael Schwarz. Grover and guests will cover personal projects, generating motivation, finding new ideas and subjects, developing instincts and trust in yourself, finding new directions, finding balance, avoiding burnout, and finding new ways to promote yourself.

If you haven't seen the first installment in this webinar series, you can watch it here: A Photo Student's Guide to Turning Pro, Part 1: How to Market Yourself and Your Work.

Featured photographer: Corey Rich, Tim Mantoani, Scott Strazzante, Ami Vitale, Casey Templeton, Robert Seale, Brian Peterson, Michael Schwarz

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